Our Sister company website is live : GamecoStudios is a AAA Art outsourcing studio providing digital Art for the entertainment and video game industry. Services include concept Art, illustration, 3D , animation, trailers and Full motion videos.

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Game Consulting is a French company created in 2002 by veterans of the game industry: Nicolas Bonvalet, and Régis Carlier. Nicolas and Régis have both 15 years of experience in important position like Creative director, Production Director, Project Manager, Art Director in companies like Cryo interactive and Quantic Dreams. Game Consulting quickly became the most important Outsourcing studio in France.

Since 2004, Game Consulting invested in the development of a complete Game Engine for PC / MAC. This technology was used with success on many games for various Publishers.


Since the creation of Game Consulting in 2002, founders politics was to build the Company around solid basis, only using self fundings. This allows us to keep expenses under control and avoiding any debt, negative to the company future. We also kept our independence in term of strategic development.