Our Sister company website is live : GamecoStudios is a AAA Art outsourcing studio providing digital Art for the entertainment and video game industry. Services include concept Art, illustration, 3D , animation, trailers and Full motion videos.

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Game Consulting always took care of keeping a light structure mainly composed by it's founders, Nicolas Bonvalet and RĂ©gis Carlier, and a staff of employees placed on strategic roles in all the video game careers, like Programmers, Artists, game and level designers.

We chose this senior lead team for their knowledge, their motivation, their human quality and simply because we trust them.

Depending on the projects number, a team of freelancers join us to build the production team, they are leaded by our internal key members.

This way, we grown to up to 50 persons when production schedule needed it.

This Flexibility allowed us to keep fixed cost very low for a high production capacity.